Bella Bohemia

In 2018 we dreamed of opening our wedding venue. Bella Bohemia was not built in a day, which attests to the fact that time (and patience) allows one to create something truly remarkable.

In addition to being a prime wedding & events venue, the venue includes a boutique hiring company and an online shop of high-end & high-class products suitable for a multitude of purposes. Whatever the occasion, Bella Bohemia is sure to be a contributing factor to the success of your event!

Our Story

Our Story

We, as founders and owners, both have our own businesses; Coert, a physician and farmer and Vanessa, a broker and admitted attorney, who was once a city girl… But that was before Bella Bohemia! Bella Bohemia is a work-in-progress and (slowly but surely) being created on the side, after hours, over weekends and with spare cash.

Each month a piece of Bella Bohemia is starting to come together; one month a few trees were planted (well if you can call 200 “a few”), the other month a Moroccan arch or ten were purchased, and next month 10 tables, followed by application costs for business rights and-so-on, and-so-forth. Every piece of furniture is carefully chosen by the owners and the garden and structures are designed by them, managing the building project closely.

Taking on and developing Bella Bohemia was an exciting opportunity for a girl with urban roots (as well as endless hard work!). We both hold a profound ardour for landscape, architecture, interiors, gardens and the synergy and enduring relationship that links them. Our aim is for you to experience the little utopia we’ve created here for us and experience the beating heart of Bella Bohemia; the Kitchen Garden. We hope to see you here one day soon!

We continuously want to create an extra special place where our guests enter another world when visiting us; slowing down and returning to antiquity, where people made time to relax, connect with each other and realize there is more life.